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May 10, 2016

  We'd love to hear from you! Please send your financial and career questions to You can remain anonymous. And please leave us a review in the comments below. You might get a shoutout on the show!

May 3, 2016

  Hey hey hey BA Fam. We are so lucky to have such greatlisteners.Please help us reach even more folks by leaving us areview oniTunes. It's a huge help and who knows? We might give youa shoutouton the show! Today on BA: -Malia goes to Harvard! -Misty Copeland gets her own Barbie -Novelist Meghann Foye has never had a kid, but she cameoutlast week saying childless women are entitled toa"meternity" leave of their own. Girl stop. Later, Mandi shares the 3 super easy online tools shealwaysuses to save money when shopping online. Because couponclipping isso 2006. You don't want to miss these! And we take a question from a reader whose mother passed away.She wants to know how to best spend her inheritance. Tiffany gives a huge shoutout to a group of 13-year-oldgirlsfrom Detroit who ware breaking barriers in an unlikelycompetitivesport: Chess.

Apr 26, 2016

  In a week of highs and lows, we've got you covered BA Fam — from the tragic, shocking death of Prince, to Harriett Tubman's triumphant place on the new $20 bill to the earth-shattering debut of Beyonce's new visual album, Lemonade. Our edges have been snatched, our nerves have been shot....we've been through a lot this week. We eventually get ourselves together enough to answer a question from listener "Charlotte" who wants to know if she can stop paying an old debt once it goes into collections. Tiffany has some surprising advice on this you're going to want to hear! As promised, here's a link to Mandi's story on how to get debt collectors to stop calling you > Have a question for us? We're all ears! 

Apr 19, 2016

  26-year-old Morgan DeBaun has been a budding entrepreneur ever since she was a scrappy young tween peddling homemade candy to kids in her school cafeteria. Now, Morgan is the co-founder of, one of the fastest growing media companies in the U.S.. May 21 marks the launch of Blavity's new conference, EmpowerHER, in New York City. EmpowerHER is all about giving women the tools they need to achieve success on their own terms. Find out how to attend EmpowerHER here:

Apr 12, 2016

  AMAZING GUEST ALERT: On today's show, Stacy Francis, the founder of nonprofit women's financial empowerment group Savvy Ladies and President and CEO of her own financial planning firm, Francis Financial, joins us to talk about handling money in relationships, what NOT to do when you get divorced, and how to protect your finances before you get married. Plus, Stacy tells YOU how to get FREE financial advice on the Savvy Ladies helpline. Check out Savvy Ladies here > Also: How single women in China are fighting back against the stigma of singleness and the joke that has Twitter dragging Hillary Clinton.

Apr 5, 2016

  Ever since she was a toddler, Adrienne Smith loved the game of football. She never considered it a career choice until she heard about the little-known world of women's tackle football in 2005. That's right. Tackle! This is not the Lingerie League or Powderpuff (no shade) but full-on, knock you on your butt, shoulder pads and broken bones football. For the last decade, she has dominated the sport and represented the U.S. in international tackle football championships around the world. Adrienne joins us on the show to talk about breaking barriers in the sport, why she PAYS to play and how she met President and First Lady Obama. Must-have links for today's show: Check out Mandi's feature story on the world of women's football on Yahoo > Adrienne's blog The Gridiron Queendom > Want to support your local women's football team? Find them on >  

Mar 29, 2016

  Brown Ambition is Dirty 30! Has it really been 30 episodes? Thank you SO much for your support. If you haven't yet, PLEASE leave us a review on iTunes! It's the best way for more folks to find their way to the BA Fam. On this week's show, we introduce a new segment: Brown Boost. We also tackle a question from a listener who says she feels like an imposter at her job and needs help building confidence.  

Mar 22, 2016

  Happy Springtime BA Fam! Here's what we cover in this week's episode: -Zootopia: how this Disney flick manages to somehow have Black Lives Matter undertones while also being the funniest, heartwarmingest movie ever. -The sexist message behind telling women to SMILE (you know who you are) -Today's tip: Should you buy a house with a guy you aren't married to? -Tiffany's book suggestion: Launch by Jeff Walker -Mandi's book suggestion: All the Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister  

Mar 15, 2016

  We're baaaaack! On this week's episode, Tiffany shares everything you need to know about the launch of her Live Richer Academy ( These are 7 online learn-as-you-go courses featuring experts Tiffany has hand-picked to teach you more about investing, buying stock, budgeting, building credit, student loans and managing finances in relationships. All of these amazing courses are only $9.99. No, but for real. $9.99! For less than the cost of a mediocre burrito bowl, you can learn how to manage your finances, invest like a boss and, of course, LIVE RICHER.  (And now you know why we love us some Budgetnista!) In other news, we're always looking for career and finance questions so email us at!        

Mar 7, 2016

  We're back with a brand new episode! Bear with us as we get back in the groove after taking a little time off so Mandi could get some much-needed R&R. Do y'all have any summer or spring vacays you're saving up for? let us know at and don't forget to send us your money and career questions! On today's show we tackle two big ones: How do you turn down a family member who asks for money? and   Is it OK to have a separate savings account from your partner?

Feb 23, 2016

  Email questions/tips/concerns to!    

Feb 16, 2016

  Happy belated Valentine's to our dear BA family. We love you! On this week's episode, you REALLY don't want to miss Tiffany's win of the week. Let's just say she is on the right side of the law ;). We are catching up on our inbox with questions from listeners Taylor R. and Rosey D. If YOU Have a question you'd like answered, email as! Even if we can't get to your question on the show, we almost always respond. Last but not least, please please leave us a review! It helps others find the show and lets iTunes know you guys like us (you really really like us!)

Feb 9, 2016

There's just one word we need to describe today's show: BEYONCE. If you have been living under a rock, please catch up here>  Other important mentions in this week's show: Mandi's story highlighting 5 black business leaders who are changing the face of Silicon Valley.  We're answering TWO questions on next week's show! Send us yours at

Feb 2, 2016

  On this week's episode: -Tiffany shares her Obamacare drama and Mandi gives tips on how to avoid a $695 tax penalty this year -We discuss the pros/cons of group dinners (OK, mostly cons) -And we answer something of a taboo question: What should a guy/girl REALLY spend on an engagement ring? Mandi tells you what the going rate for a rock is these days and has tips on how to save on that diamond. Important links from this week's episode! Exemptions for the Obamacare tax penalty> Mandi's Story on whether or not you should buy an engagement ring on Etsy > As always, email us at with questions or tweet us @thebapodcast.

Jan 26, 2016

  Brown Ambition fam... we have a star among us. Tiffany made her Good Morning America debut this week on a special segment called "Super Savers." Check it out here! Winter Storm Jonas couldn't hold us down this week! We are back to bidness talking about #OscarsSoWhite, the Flint Michigan water crisis and the personal finance blog post that had ALL the ladies talking this week: "The Story of an F-Off Fund". Have questions for the show? Drop us a line at  

Jan 19, 2016

  Six years ago, Aja McClanahan and her husband were $110,000 in the hole and in a constant tug-of-war with debt collectors. So they decided to make a drastic move in order to tackle their debt head-on. Mandi sat down with Aja this week to chat about how they finally became debt-free and what advice she has for others out there feeling overwhelmed by their own debt. "You don't need a lot of money to do this," she says. "Being disciplined helped." Also on this week's episode: -Hillary Clinton talks about how she's benefitted from white privilege -One woman attacks the #BlackGirlMagic movement -Networking strategies -Mandi's biggest complaint about wedding dress shopping As always, send us your questions at or hit us up on  

Jan 12, 2016

  Welcome back Brown Ambition fam. This week, we take a reader question from a young woman who took a job before she realized how little it paid. Now she's stuck -- does she stay and remain loyal to her new employer, or should she start looking for new work and risk looking unreliable to future employers? PLUS: Tiffany shares her favorite book of the moment ... and how to manage career burnout. As always, join us on Facebook or Twitter. Email us your money and career questions at

Jan 5, 2016

  HAPPY NEW YEAR! To kick off our first show of 2016, we talk about the results of a 75-year study on — what else? — the key to finding lasting happiness in life. Doing this ONE thing in your life can not only make you happier but healthier and, as a result, more likely to live longer. It's like tapping your own personal Fountain of Youth everyday...and here's a hint: it has nothing to do with going to the gym! Then, we take a question from a listener who's feeling torn — should she take a year off from work and travel, or is it too late for a little adventure? Have any career or money questions to help you ensure a prosperous new year? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at or join the BA Fam on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven't signed up for Tiffany's Live Richer Challenge yet, what are you waiting for?! Visit for all the deets!  

Dec 22, 2015

  It's the last show of 2015 for Brown Ambition! Thank you all for an amazing run these past four months. We'll be back and better (browner?) than ever in 2016. To set us up for the New Year, we want to know what YOU want more of/less of from us next year. More guests? Fewer dance breaks? Different advice? Email us at or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook with your thoughts. And if you haven't left a review for us on iTunes yet, now's your chance! It would be the best Christmas present ever.  

Dec 17, 2015

  #TGIF BA Fam! After dealing with our edit issues, we're back this week with a brand new (and a little bit tardy) show for you. Enjoy! As ever, email us your money and career questions at or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

Dec 8, 2015

  It's our Sweet 16, BA Fam! Fair warning: if you have not yet watched The Wiz Live, spoilers are ahead! The cast...the music...the WARDROBE. It was truly a night of unforgettable black magic. On the down side, what's a groundbreaking moment for people of color without a little touch of racist shade? Ignorance was out in full force on the Twitterverse and we discuss in this week's Buzzworthy.   Next up, is it ever OK to move in with a significant other simply to save on rent? And Tiffany has a question for Mandi: Which race do you identify with more? Anyone who has a mixed racial/ethnic background will relate to her answer. WINS: While Tiffany packs up for a week in paradise (jealous!), Mandi shares a major update about work (and really hopes she hasn't jinxed herself!). We hope it inspires every woman out there to ask for what she deserves.      

Dec 1, 2015

  Sorry in advance for all the singing. We were a little giddy this week...but for the best possible reason! One of us has something MAYJAH to share today BA fam (and it may or may not involve a ring!). After we squeal, we discuss important events of the last week, such as the Soul Train Awards (Baby Face tribute? Win! Choosing creeper R. Kelly to close the show? Fail!) and why it's important to support minority-owned businesses this holiday season. For Brown Break, Mandi gets real about what it's like working in an open concept office — and how easy it makes it for outside work drama to get in the way of your work flow. Tiffany makes a confession about her social life (or lack thereof) and takes a brown break from staying home. We answer an excellent question from a reader who wants to know if it's worth it going to a financial advisor -- and how she's supposed to get the house and family she wants with a mound of student loan and credit card debt weighing her down. WE are here for you Carrre girl! As always, send us your money/career questions at or hit us up on Twitter (@theBApodcast) or Facebook.

Nov 24, 2015

  Hey Hey Hey! Happy almost-Thanksgiving BA Fam! This week, we talk about the shocking "Scandal" winter finale ( still got it girl) and the Apple Music commercial that everyone's talking about. Brown Break: Tiffany explains why she is sick of "Money Mantras" and Mandi lays out the facts that seem to be conveniently missing from the     anti-Syrian refugee movement in the U.S. (yes, we're talking to YOU Dr. Ben Carson). Then, we spend some time answering a fabulous question from a reader who wants to do I save for retirement when I'm constantly switching jobs and want to buy a house some day? Since we didn't have time to dig all the way into her situation, here are a couple of links to resources we mention on the show: 1: Tiffany's "Buying a Home Checklist" and 2), a database of fee-only financial planners where you can start your search for a financial advisor in your area. Have a question you'd like us to answer? email us at or tweet us @TheBApodcast      

Nov 16, 2015

  Just 7 years ago, Patrice C. Washington was scraping up all the change in her purse to buy baby formula for her newborn daughter. Now, Patrice is a best-selling author and founder and CEO of Seek Wisdom Find Wealth, a boutique personal finance consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA, and is a featured financial coach on the Steve Harvey Show. On Jan. 19, Patrice is publishing her new book "Real Money Answers for Everyday Women" in bookstores nationwide. Patrice joins us to talk about hitting rock bottom and how she clawed her way back to the top. She also has some tough advice for everyday women looking to get ahead. "When people are unfulfilled in their careers that leads them to mismanage their finances," she says. "I meet so many women who are quick to go the mall because they're frustrated with everything they've been through all week." In addition to the lovely Patrice, we have a candid conversation about a dirty little monster called Stress...grab your stress balls ladies! You don't want to miss it. As always, send us your money questions at or hit us up on or Twitter @theBApodcast. patrice

Nov 9, 2015

  I know we say every episode is our best episode EVAH but....Y'ALL. THIS ONE IS FIIIIRE. In lieu of tips this week, Mandi sat down to chat with the extraordinary Mira Jacob, author of the critically acclaimed novel "The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing" and all around badass. Mira's viral Buzzfeed post "37 Difficult Questions From My Mixed-Race Son" hit us right in the feels — so sweet, so funny, and so relevant to what it's like to be a parent raising a kid in a multi-cultural family today. Mandi talks to Mira about that story PLUS her bumpy ascent in a business that, well, isn't exactly known for its loving embrace of diverse voices. BUZZWORTHY: -Starbucks cup? War on Christmas? Y'all cray. -We've had it with Spirit Airlines. And not just because they kicked 6 black people off a flight last week. -Serena Williams catches a crook. Ben Carson's lies catch up with him. -Donald Trump BOMBS on SNL. And all is right with the world again. BROWN BREAK: -Tiffany dumps her waist trainer for the real thing. -Mandi goes IN on so-called "travel hackers". Mira Jacob Did we mention Mira is GORGEOUS too? #Werk  

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