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Oct 3, 2016

A note to our listeners: 

You may have noticed Ep. 55, our interview with CurlBox founder Myleik Teele, is no longer appearing. The show has been removed at her request. Ms. Teele felt our description of the show focused too much her past, which she has discussed openly in other interviews on other podcasts and media outlets. We don't often have guests on the show and we were thrilled to have such an accomplished entrepreneur share her story. Unfortunately, we were unable to come to a satisfying compromise and we felt it was easiest to remove the show and move on. All that aside, the most important thing to us is YOU -- our listeners -- and we are sorry to disappoint any listeners who were looking forward to Part II of our interview. We do our best to treat any guest on our show with the utmost respect and will continue to do so in the future.

Mandi & Tiffany 

Sep 20, 2016

Have you seen our new look? Check out the new!


On this week's show: 

BA Anniversary dinner recap! 

Tiffany and Mandi weigh in on the teacher from Georgia whose envelope-pushing ensembles have everyone talking. 

Tiffany shares tips on how to qualify for student loan debt forgiveness. For more details, check out this in-depth article with more tips > 

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Sep 13, 2016

Happy Anniversary, BA Fam! By now we hope you have checked out our newly redesigned website and are loving the fresh new look. We are so thrilled to be celebrating our 1-year anniversary. We couldn't have gotten here without YOU! Thanks for listening, thanks for your support. 

Please help us ring in our near year on a high note by leaving us a review today on iTunes

On Today's show: 

What does it really take to become CEO? We've got the results of a new LinkedIn study that reveals exactly what you need to do to have the best shot at a spot at the top of the office food chain. 

We also take a question from single mom "Kim" who earns $92,000 and still feels like she's broke. 




Sep 6, 2016

Happy Brown Ambition Tuesday!

We've got a packed show for today: 


Lena Dunham. Why? Just why?
The Black-Owned Bank Movement everyone's talking about


What's the right amount to give at weddings?
Do you really need travel health insurance?

Tifffany's book selection for this week: "The Gatekeepers are Gone" by Lamar Tyler

Aug 30, 2016

We can hardly believe it, BA Fam...the Brown Ambition podcast is turning 1! To celebrate our pending anniversary, we're hosting an epic contest and treating a whole group of lucky listeners to a special evening with us — your hosts! Win a Night of Dinner + Drinks with Mandi and Tiffany! To enter, send an email and answer this question: What does Brown Ambition mean to you personally, whether in your personal life or your career? This is a shot to tell us why you are proud to be part of the #BrownAmbition family. Submissions are Due by Sept. 1 and winners will be notified by September 4th.   The dinner will be hosted in Manhattan on the evening of Friday S

Aug 22, 2016
Today's guest needs no introduction but we gon' give her one anyway!
Luvvie Ajayi has turned her hilarious pop culture blog into a media sensation. For the last 13 years she bas been cracking up the Interwebs with her bitingly funny and whip smart takes on celebrity, TV, film, technology, politics and more. This year, the self-proclaimed "professional troublemaker" caught the eye of none other than Oprah Winfrey herself, who included Luvvie on her first annual Super Soul 100 list.
This September, Luvvie is releasing her first book, "I'M JUDGING YOU: The Do-Better Manual". Pre-order it on Amazon or wherever books are sold.
Luvvie AJayi


Aug 15, 2016

We can hardly believe it, BA Fam...the Brown Ambition podcast is turning 1! To celebrate our pending anniversary, we're hosting an epic contest and treating a whole group of lucky listeners to a special evening with us — your hosts! Win a Night of Dinner + Drinks with Mandi and Tiffany! To enter, send an email to and answer this question: What does Brown Ambition mean to you personally, whether in your personal life or your career? This is a shot to tell us why you are proud to be part of the #BrownAmbition family. Submissions are Due by Sept. 1 and winners will be notified by September 4th. The dinner will be hosted in the NYC area, so keep that in mind before entering.    

Aug 8, 2016

  Welcome Dream Catchers! If you're just finding the show, be sure to check out our Facebook page and take the time to leave us a review on iTunes. On today's show, we chat with Keona Harris, a Houston, Texas-based mother and entrepreneur. After going through a divorce, buying a new home, and starting her own business — all within the last year! — Keona decided there was no better time to plan a cross country road trip with her 9-year-old daughter. "I was one of those people who when I had PTO days I couldn’t or wouldn’t use them because work would get backed up," Keona told us. "I just had to look at my situation and ask myself what is more important to me? My child was going to daycare and school all day. I didn’t get home until it was time to put her to bed. I didn’t want that life for her. I didn’t want that life for us… I don’t need to give the best of my years and my times to an institution when my daughter needs me most." We talked to Keona about why she decided to plan this journey for her daughter and, of course, how she saved up the money to fund it.  

Aug 1, 2016

  On this week's episode.... We recap Michelle Obama's EPIC Democratic Convention speech. Watch it here or read the transcript here.  Resources mentioned on this week's show: We tell a listener whether or not she should refinance her mortgage. Check out the tools we mention: Smart Asset mortgage refinance calculator and Bankrate And Mandi tells you about finding a financial planner through the XY Planning Network, a network of financial planners who specialize in Gen X and Y professionals.

Jul 19, 2016

  Just 7 years ago, Patrice C. Washington was scraping up all the change in her purse to buy baby formula for her newborn daughter. Now, Patrice is a best-selling author and founder and CEO of Seek Wisdom Find Wealth, a boutique personal finance consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA, and is a featured financial coach on the Steve Harvey Show. On Jan. 19, Patrice is publishing her new book "Real Money Answers for Everyday Women" in bookstores nationwide. Patrice joined us last fall to talk about hitting rock bottom and how she clawed her way back to the top. She also has some tough advice for everyday women looking to get ahead. "When people are unfulfilled in their careers that leads them to mismanage their finances," she says. "I meet so many women who are quick to go the mall because they're frustrated with everything they've been through all week." As always, send us your money questions at or hit us up on or Twitter @theBApodcast.   **This episode originally aired Nov. 17, 2015**  

Jul 12, 2016

  Group hug everyone. We could all use one. Today's reader question: Should I refinance my car loan? Resources: How to get out of a bad car loan MagnifyMoney auto loan comparison tool  Have a question for us? Send us an email at  

Jun 27, 2016

  We LOVE getting your lovely e-mails and all the great feedback you have on the show. Please take the time to share the love in an iTunes review. It helps others find the show and we will love you forever for it! Now, down to bidness: Today on the show: -The BET awards recap (ALL HAIL JESSE WILLIAMS) -Mandi and Tiff's latest book suggestions "Grit: The power of passion and perseverance" by Angela Duckworth "What I Know For Sure" By Oprah Winfrey -A question from reader who wants to know what comes first: business expenses or credit card debt? We will not have a show next week due to the Fourth of July! We'll be back on the air Tuesday July 12.

Jun 21, 2016

  Brown Ambition is a weekly podcast about juggling life, career, family and building wealth on your own terms. Send us your financial and career questions at

Jun 14, 2016

  #LoveOrlando. To find out how you can help the victims of this senseless tragedy, check out this link. ************* We have a great question today from a single mom who's not happy with her paycheck. If you have a question, hit us up at or send us a message on le Facebook.  

Jun 7, 2016

  Have a question for the show? Hit us up at!

Jun 1, 2016

  Keep in touch, BA Fam! E-mail us your money and career questions at (you can remain anonymous!) Or hit us up on Twitter @TheBApodcast and Facebook.

May 17, 2016

  We love hearing from you! Please send us your questions at or hit us up on Twitter @TheBApodcast and

May 10, 2016

  We'd love to hear from you! Please send your financial and career questions to You can remain anonymous. And please leave us a review in the comments below. You might get a shoutout on the show!

May 3, 2016

  Hey hey hey BA Fam. We are so lucky to have such greatlisteners.Please help us reach even more folks by leaving us areview oniTunes. It's a huge help and who knows? We might give youa shoutouton the show! Today on BA: -Malia goes to Harvard! -Misty Copeland gets her own Barbie -Novelist Meghann Foye has never had a kid, but she cameoutlast week saying childless women are entitled toa"meternity" leave of their own. Girl stop. Later, Mandi shares the 3 super easy online tools shealwaysuses to save money when shopping online. Because couponclipping isso 2006. You don't want to miss these! And we take a question from a reader whose mother passed away.She wants to know how to best spend her inheritance. Tiffany gives a huge shoutout to a group of 13-year-oldgirlsfrom Detroit who ware breaking barriers in an unlikelycompetitivesport: Chess.

Apr 26, 2016

  In a week of highs and lows, we've got you covered BA Fam — from the tragic, shocking death of Prince, to Harriett Tubman's triumphant place on the new $20 bill to the earth-shattering debut of Beyonce's new visual album, Lemonade. Our edges have been snatched, our nerves have been shot....we've been through a lot this week. We eventually get ourselves together enough to answer a question from listener "Charlotte" who wants to know if she can stop paying an old debt once it goes into collections. Tiffany has some surprising advice on this you're going to want to hear! As promised, here's a link to Mandi's story on how to get debt collectors to stop calling you > Have a question for us? We're all ears! 

Apr 19, 2016

  26-year-old Morgan DeBaun has been a budding entrepreneur ever since she was a scrappy young tween peddling homemade candy to kids in her school cafeteria. Now, Morgan is the co-founder of, one of the fastest growing media companies in the U.S.. May 21 marks the launch of Blavity's new conference, EmpowerHER, in New York City. EmpowerHER is all about giving women the tools they need to achieve success on their own terms. Find out how to attend EmpowerHER here:

Apr 12, 2016

  AMAZING GUEST ALERT: On today's show, Stacy Francis, the founder of nonprofit women's financial empowerment group Savvy Ladies and President and CEO of her own financial planning firm, Francis Financial, joins us to talk about handling money in relationships, what NOT to do when you get divorced, and how to protect your finances before you get married. Plus, Stacy tells YOU how to get FREE financial advice on the Savvy Ladies helpline. Check out Savvy Ladies here > Also: How single women in China are fighting back against the stigma of singleness and the joke that has Twitter dragging Hillary Clinton.

Apr 5, 2016

  Ever since she was a toddler, Adrienne Smith loved the game of football. She never considered it a career choice until she heard about the little-known world of women's tackle football in 2005. That's right. Tackle! This is not the Lingerie League or Powderpuff (no shade) but full-on, knock you on your butt, shoulder pads and broken bones football. For the last decade, she has dominated the sport and represented the U.S. in international tackle football championships around the world. Adrienne joins us on the show to talk about breaking barriers in the sport, why she PAYS to play and how she met President and First Lady Obama. Must-have links for today's show: Check out Mandi's feature story on the world of women's football on Yahoo > Adrienne's blog The Gridiron Queendom > Want to support your local women's football team? Find them on >  

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